Guam's Villages

There are 19 beautiful Districts, or "Villages", in Guam. Each Village has its wonderful, unique attributes.

Take the time to enjoy each Village...and feel free stop by each Mayor's Office to say "Hafa Adai!".  



Mayors Council of Guam Village Image
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flag
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flower
Mayors Council of Guam Village Sign
Village signage artwork by artist, Maria Cristobal Calori.


There are two Carolinian stories that relate to how this village derives its name. First, there was a Carolinian Chief named Tamuning who was brought over from Ulul Atoll in the Caroline Islands. The second came from a Carolinian word “Tamuning” which is the movement of people from Apotuan on to the area where a cotton plantation was run by an individual named George Johnston. Mr. Johnston was an American businessman who married a Spaniard woman and was permitted to grow cotton in what is now Tamuning. The second village drives its name from the saying “ti apmam homhom” which means it is getting dark and refers to hunters and fishermen who walk from southern Guåhan to fish or hunt in this place and by the time they get there it is nearing darkness.

Street Address:
120 Tun Jesus Crisostomo Street, Tamuning