Guam's Villages

There are 19 beautiful Districts, or "Villages", in Guam. Each Village has its wonderful, unique attributes.

Take the time to enjoy each Village...and feel free stop by each Mayor's Office to say "Hafa Adai!".  



Village Image
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flag
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flower
Mayors Council of Guam Village Sign
Village signage artwork by artist, Maria Cristobal Calori.


The village of Barrigada is located in the northeastern part of the island. It is part of the Kattan (Eastern) District. Barrigada owes its name to a Chamorro legend. When the god Puntan was about to die, he instructed his sister Funa how to dispose of his body. He said that his eyes were to become the sun and the moon; his eyebrows, the rainbow; his breast, the sky and his back, the earth. Barrigada means, “flank.” Looking down from atop Mt. Santa Rosa, the island resembles a man lying on his back with his flank being the most noticeable.

Street Address:
124 Luayao Lane