Guam's Villages

There are 19 beautiful Districts, or "Villages", in Guam. Each Village has its wonderful, unique attributes.

Take the time to enjoy each Village...and feel free stop by each Mayor's Office to say "Hafa Adai!".  



Mayors Council of Guam Village Image
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flag
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flower
Mayors Council of Guam Village Sign
Village signage artwork by artist, Maria Cristobal Calori.


This village derives its name from the word "yugu". "Yugu" means the frame placed over the neck of a carabao and harnessed to a cart. Yigo is the island's northernmost village. The soil is rich for coffee, cocoa, pineapples, oranges and tangerines, which grew in abundance before the war. This village also produced chocolates, which were then transported to Hagåtña where they were served to visitors in the Chocolate House of the Governor's palace. Yigo also has many Ifil wood trees, the hard wood used to make the yoke of the carabao and oftentimes the construction of the carabao cart.

Street Address:
Bldg. 274 Gayinero Drive