Guam's Villages

There are 19 beautiful Districts, or "Villages", in Guam. Each Village has its wonderful, unique attributes.

Take the time to enjoy each Village...and feel free stop by each Mayor's Office to say "Hafa Adai!".  



Mayors Council of Guam Village Image
Village Flag
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flower
Mayors Council of Guam Village Sign
Village signage artwork by artist, Maria Cristobal Calori.


The village of Humåtak is located in the southwestern side of the island and is part of the Haya (Southern) District. This village derives its name from the word “uma”. “Uma” means to carry something on the back or a heavy load on the shoulders. Humåtak is the smallest and second oldest of Guam’s villages after Inalåhan. This is the village that Ferdinand Magellan is alleged to have visited and it was through his escapades with the villagers that led him to rename Guam, the “Island of Thieves.”

Street Address:
159 San Dionisio Street